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Grillo Chardonnay

Visibly brilliant, to the nose it is possible to perceive its delightful standing-out fragrance of exotic fruit mixed with a strong dose of vanilla, a typical feature. An absolutely exciting and sensorial wine. On the palate, its richness of flavor and minerality are the strong points, it is also agreeable and easy to drink.

Nero D’Avola

Visibly intense ruby red. To the nose it is a complex wine with fruity hints such as black cherries and blueberries. Rich on the palate, it is heavy and tannic in the right measure.

Nero d’Avola Cabernet

Visibly intense garnet red, the nose is complex with balsamic hints of oak, on the palate fabulously enveloping, even in the presence of an imposing tannic size, exceptional concentration of sensations of red berries cassis and spices, balsamic, soft, persistent and wraparound.

Jatò Lucido

Jatò Rosso